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Hello! I am The Dancing Batter, based off the The Batter from the game OFF by Mortis Ghost. This blog is designed for cosplay, dancing, and asks!

We do many different cosplays, ranging from OFF, Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, etc!

There are three admins that run this blog, and I am in a relationship with one of them.

Thank you for checking us out!


Green contacts and black makeup sloppy idk

I literally have no idea just cybergoth makeup pratice

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Gosh I wish I could’ve stayed but my heads killing me so…. I drew these guys from them dancing, it was cute haha hope you guys like it u v u

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the livestream is having severe problems


the livestream is having severe problems

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luck ticket created by carsatan

luck ticket created by carsatan

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morty gost did this

morty gost did this

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i’m so tired

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The Dancing Batter | Tri-Practice | Shuffle/Tecktonik/Liquid

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140% awful closet cosplay of that protag from that Space Darn it  anime

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Q U A N T U M   D A N C I N G   I N T O   T H E    N T H   D I M E N T I O N

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The-Dancing-Batter | Liquid Builds Pratice

The-Dancing-Batter | Step Practice

So I might do a dance livestream because I haven’t done one in weeks

(I’m rusty as shit and I gotta get this body grooving)

so I just discovered an anime called Yowamuchi Pedal…

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