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Hello! I am The Dancing Batter, based off the The Batter from the game OFF by Mortis Ghost. This blog is designed for cosplay, dancing, and asks!

We do many different cosplays, ranging from OFF, Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, etc!

There are three admins that run this blog, and I am in a relationship with one of them.

Thank you for checking us out!


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The Dancing Batter | Tri-Practice | Shuffle/Tecktonik/Liquid

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140% awful closet cosplay of that protag from that Space Darn it  anime

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Q U A N T U M   D A N C I N G   I N T O   T H E    N T H   D I M E N T I O N

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The-Dancing-Batter | Liquid Builds Pratice

The-Dancing-Batter | Step Practice

So I might do a dance livestream because I haven’t done one in weeks

(I’m rusty as shit and I gotta get this body grooving)

so I just discovered an anime called Yowamuchi Pedal…

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Hey, I was wondering if the style of the pants you use for dancing batter has some kind of name? Like, the whole neon lines thing it has going on?


Oh baby, you’ll want to look at some Phat Pants

This is the website where I ordered mine

Also if you have drawn or seen any Male!Sucre drawings/other cosplays, let me know so I can get a good accurate reference!

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I drew male! Sucre a while back. Just spray your hair white!

I was thinking that might work! Thank you.

I’d love to see your drawing as a refrence!

Hey guys -  cosplay question.

So obviously sucre has long shoulder length(ish) blonde or white hair

How do you think I should handle that for my male version?

Should I bother getting a wig or just spray my hair white or yeah (or, just keep my hair as it is?  ?)


Last photo - can&#8217;t wait to finish this!

Last photo - can’t wait to finish this!


Male!Sucre WIP cosplay - just need a wig!

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